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 Weapon Shop

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Admin/Metsuki Leader/Raikage

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PostSubject: Weapon Shop   Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:09 pm

Windmill Shuriken 200ryo
Umbrella 150ryo
Shuriken 50ryo(per. shuriken)
Senbon (Needle) 100ryo(per. senbon)
Makibishi(Spike) 350ryo (one set of five)
Kunai 450 ryo(for five)
HyourouGan (Soldier Provision Pills) 200ryo(per. pill)
Exploding Smoke Grenade 200ryo
Exploding Pouch 350ryo
Exploding Note 450ryo
Concealed Mouth Ember 550ryo
Katana 1500R each
Ninja String 200R each (Is about 10 yards long)
Smoke Bombs 100R (3 in a set)
Poison Bombs 200 (2 in a set)
Moonlight Katana 2000R(twice as strong as a normal katana)
PoleArm 400R
Bow 600R
Arrows 1000r (for 500)
Bomb Tag 500R (5 in a set)
Chakra suction cannon 1500R (Illegal, cannot be purchased by normal shinobi)

Nunchuks Price
400 Wooden
600 Steel
800 Steel with sharp tips

Trench Kinfes
300 Each
500 for chakra blades (Those that attack chakra, like asuma's)

300 Ryo (Pills come in a case of 5)
Soldier Pills (Adds strength and speed, as well as stamina for 10 posts)

Food Pills (Has three different pills, a green yellow and red pill. each one enhances chakra. the red pill could badly injure you, but can make your chakra the size of a kage

Healing Pills ( Unl) (Heals you partially, it is a weak heal, but can heal light wounds or burns. can only be used ten times in battle)

2000- 1 pill (Illegal)
Suicide Pills(Completly puts a person to sleep, when they awake they cannot move for nearly a week. this wont kill them, but if they eat it, you can kill them)

Order Any of the these weapons. More Coming soon.

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Weapon Shop
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